Inspiring TableTalk

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inspiring TableTalk

  • A 70cm x 70cm blueprint for inspiring conversations. Printed on strong, washable fabric and fully foldable.
  • 16 stones in 4 different colours
  • A downloadable in-depth handbook full of ideas and suggestions for how to use inspiring TableTalk, an introduction to the basics of Nonviolent Communication and exercises for use both at home and at work.

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Product Description

inspiring TableTalk

Conceived by trainer Beatrice Nattermüller and developed in partnership with transformational coach and trainer Emma Collins.

inspiring TableTalk is an interactive and playful communication tool for personal and professional applications. It is perfectly designed to be used at a table, on a desk or on the floor and has proved effective in training, coaching and mediation.

It consists of our unique digital print on washable fabric with 16 stones in 4 different colours and a handy pocket guide available in both hard and soft format. The stones are used as markers to remember what is said, and as a visual support when making choices. Through games, processes and exploration, inspiring TableTalk will guide you as both inner and outer dialog emerges and new insights arise.

inspiring TableTalk supports:

  • effective communication
  • transformation of conflicts into dialogues
  • immediate and effective insight into what drives you and others
  • giving voice to the unexpressed
  • equality in conversations
  • insight into your communication and awareness of your actions.


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